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What is Pilates?
Pilates is a low-impact, lifetime exercise system comprised of over 500 controlled exercises that engages the mind and conditions the total body.  It is an ideal exercise to increase strength and flexibility that will help one's mind and body work better.  Pilates works several muscle groups simultaneously through smooth, continuous motion, with a particular concentration on strengthening and stabilizing the core (the abdomen, back and pelvic girdle region, sometimes referred to as the "powerhouse").  Created over 80 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates, some consider Pilates as “the original core-strength exercise.”

Pilates focuses on quality rather than quantity.  Low sets of repetitions with perfect execution leave the participant invigorated as opposed to exhausted after a session.  Pilates exercises can be performed on a mat or on specialized equipment such as a Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector.

How will I benefit from Pilates?
Pilates training has many benefits – including:

  • Creates a longer, leaner, firmer appearance
  • Increases core-strength resulting in better posture, breathing capacity, and blood circulation
  • Increases flexibility resulting in greater balance and coordination
  • Reduces stress
  • Develops muscle groups uniformly and corrects muscular imbalances
  • Increases overall body strength and endurance.
  • Rehabs and prevents reinjury to damaged muscle groups/ sports injuries

Why should I do Pilates?
If you want be stronger and more flexible you should do Pilates.  If you want better posture, more energy, and more mobility you should do Pilates.  If you want to get in shape for your wedding you should do Pilates.  If you want to be able to touch your toes or get on the ground and play with your children/ grand children you should do Pilates.  If you want a stronger core to hit the golf ball better you should do Pilates.  If you want to rehab or prevent re-injury to old sports injuries you should do Pilates.  If you want to change up your current workout you should do Pilates.

How often should I do Pilates?
Pilates training is most effective when practiced a minimum of 2 to 3 times per week.

How long does it take to see results from Pilates?
When performing Pilates 2-3 times per week one may refer to the promise of Joseph Pilates, “You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions, and have a completely new body in 30 sessions.” 

Will I lose weight from Pilates?
While one will burn calories from the resistance training, Pilates is not a cardio-vascular workout, until one becomes advanced.  However, Pilates training coupled with some cardio, like jogging or biking, and a sensible diet can result in weight loss.

Regardless of weight loss, Pilates lengthens and leans out the body for a more desirable appearance.

Will I become more flexible from Pilates?
Yes, improved flexibility is one of the principle benefits of Pilates.

Do I need to be fit to do Pilates?
No, we design Pilates routines to accommodate people of all abilities, regardless of one's current state of fitness. 

What age group is Pilates for?
Pilates is a lifetime exercise, meaning that regardless of age one can do Pilates forever.  Pilates is also a low-impact exercise regime that people of all ages and capabilities can do.  As with any new exercise regime we recommend that one consult with one's physician prior to beginning.    

Will Pilates reduce my thighs and hips?
Yes, no doubt about it!!  Pilates is a total body workout.  One will see positive results in one's hips and thighs as well as in the rest of one's body.

Will Pilates flatten my stomach?
Yes!  Pilates is considered by some as “the original core-strength exercise”, which will invariably result in a firmer and flatter stomach.

Can I cross-train with Pilates?
Definitely!  Pilates is a great stand-alone exercise but is also an excellent addition to any workout program.

Can I do Pilates if I am pregnant?
Pilates is a wonderful exercise program for pregnant women provided one starts several months prior to becoming pregnant, and was recently ranked as one of "The Hot 6:  The best workouts for pregnancy" by FitPregnancy Magazine.  It is not recommended that one starts Pilates after becoming pregnant because the strengthening of muscles that have not been used before, especially one's abdominals and back muscles, create extra stress.  One should consult with one's physician prior to exercising during pregnancy.

How do I sign up?
Call us @ 480-837-8740

What should I wear?
There is no set uniform for Pilates, but we recommend comfortable, form-fitting clothing.  In general yoga pants, leotards, leggings, t-shirts, and light sweats are all good choices.


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